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Display Security Specialists

As specialists in retail display security, Myriad has been creating anti theft products for protecting goods on open display for retailers for over 25 years. Not only are they discreet but our display security products also enable you to power your goods so that the customer has a real experience of using the item and such interaction has been proven to increase sales. With the evolving retail market we believe we have one of the largest range of display security products in our sector and strive to be able to protect almost anything on open display.

Wireless Mobile Phone/Tablet Display Security

The all new FX Wireless alarm pod eliminates the need for retracting cables and grippers by using advanced technology that allows users the freedom to interact with devices seemlessly. If a user breaches the set perimeter an audible alert will emit from the sensor that attaches to the device. Once the user returns to the set perimeter the audible alert will automatically silence. The FX Wireless fits perfectly into settings such as exhibitions, education areas and hospitality due to the effortless, tool-free installation and will also work on mobile phone and tablet retail display. Users and colleagues together will enjoy the freedom that the FX Wireless offers.


SpiderNet EAS security, available in various colours and sizes with RF and AM frequencies. SpiderNet also benefits with not just 2 but 3 alarm technology, for added security. Studies have shown a shrink reduction of up to 91% on product lines in high risk stores.

Seamless display integration

With products such as SmartPhones, Tablets, Smartwatches, FitBits, MP3 Players and Digital Cameras, the need for seamless display integration to incorporate the security solution as an integral part of the display has meant that we work closely with Fixture Designers and Shopfitters.


The beauty of securing handheld items this way is that not only are they being powered at the same time as being secure, but the customer can also actually pick them up, turn them around, see how heavy the item is and see it working!

A wealth of experience

Myriad has a wealth of experience with retailers and their fast changing display security requirements to provide a secure solution to displaying goods. Whether you need anti-theft devices to protect Tablets, SmartPhones, FitBits, Cameras, MP3s, Smartwatches, Headphones, DVD Players, Leather Jackets, Handbags or Power Tools, we will have the correct retail display anti-theft security solution for you.